Sewing School

Self-help projects for war widows
and single mothers

In the villages of northern Uganda, many women today live without any care. They live from hand to mouth. They can not afford school for their children. 20 years of terrible civil war by “Kony’s rebels” left its mark. They lost their homes, mostly also men and sons and are now destitute. Many women are still traumatized by the ill-treatment and bad experiences. Many miracles God has done, otherwise they would not be alive. They experienced protection, preservation, physical healing and even food multiplication in the camps were not uncommon. God wants to show these women that he has not forgotten them. With the help of seminars, conversations and prayer, they can work things up, forgive and become healthy again in spirit, soul and body.

Help for self-employment!

With this “self-help project” we help women to make a living for themselves and their children. In 2011 we started after a women’s conference, a small sewing school as the first project. It costs the women nothing, they only have to bring their lunch and their teacher’s food. Those who pass the nine-month school will receive a certificate, a bible, a sewing machine and materials and materials to start their own business. Just as God’s love and help for us looks. (undeserved grace) Meanwhile, women live on their own income, know Jesus and go to church. Many women teach sewing to friends, help together and friendships have emerged. Thanks to our Father in heaven!

Please support this project! We finance with it: new sewing machines, material and pay of the teacher. Everything goes in favor of women, nothing is used for staff or administrative costs in this project.

In 2016, the construction of a sewing training center for the village began. We are very grateful to the hunger march Böhl-Iggelheim, which made this possible. Here are some impressions: