Street Kids Kampala

Street Kids – Outreach every Friday!

Every Friday we meet up with children and teenagers on a sports field in the middle of Kampala. We become friends, play football together, talk and encourage the children that there is hope and help. God has not forgotten them. HE knows their name and background and He can and desires to give them a new chance, family, school fees, education and a future.

Kisenyi and other slums are social hotspot areas in the megacity of Kampala. Corruption, violence, debauchery, magic and drug addiction dominate this area.

John and Abbe, former street children we took in, now lead this outreach with all their heart and strength.

Many street children have accepted Jesus and trust Him in their daily life in their often hopeless situations on the streets of Kampala. We will make friends, comfort, pray for their needs and help wherever we can. We bring the injured to the clinic and we take the children back to their relatives, if possible. Otherwise, we take them to the children’s home and with the help of school sponsorships, we enable them to attend school or do an apprenticeship. Not everyone can come here themselves, but you too can support us so that we can provide a new home and practical care for as many children as possible. [See Sponsorship]