Street children get a new home and can go back to school!Hope comes into her heart!

Mostly 45€ monthly are enough to change a children life if we find 2-3 Sponsors.




We can do this together:

All these lovely children need a sponsor for this year. Mostly 45€ from one or two sponsors is enough to change a life.

More details, if you would like to support a sponsored child, please send an email to: cgm.ug2001@hotmail.com






Tamale, 13 years was 5 years on street. Now is he in Primary 6 and is pretty good in school, he has always a smile on his face, has humor and lovely boy. We are looking for 2 Sponsors for him with 45€ so he continue with joy in his heart.

Her mother and other 3 children live from their garden. Nakato is 13 years, intelligent and a lovely girl. She will go 2024 in high school that is why we need another sponsor for her.

Junior was on street 2023 as we brougth him home to the father, they welcomed him back in the home in the village. Now we sponser him a boarding school P6. He is a clever humble young boy and ready to focus on education now. His behaviours channges in only 2 moths and we are so happy with him. We love him and be proud of him. He has a bright future.
Godfrey has 11 siblings, his mother is a widow and no money for school fees. He lives deep in the village near the lake. We need a Sponsor 45€ monthly for primary level with all materials and uniform.
Penina desires to be a nurse or teacher. She is in S4 next year and a loving girl with high potentian. Focused in studies. We need 3 Sponsors each 40€ mothly. Thank you












Street Outreach Program:

weekly Street Outreach in Kampala: Streetkids / youth

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20160624_103652 Every week we distribute food, dress the wounds, play football, play games and encourage our friends from the street with the Word of God. We pray for all and for the sick and everyone can take a shower and wash their clothes. Jesus is the center of attention because he can save and change lives, we can only give the accessories.
Relationships develop and so we were able to bring many children back to their families in the villages.




We make small self-help projects possible, so that the boys can help their own children and rent a room. Some children we place with other NGO’s or they come with us to the children’s home. From there it goes on to school or training until they can stand on their own feet one day.


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 Living on the street makes you tired……..

Many children live in the streets of Kampala today. While they are looking at the website, the children don’t know what they are eating, where they can sleep and how it will end. What’s the next step? They are our friends, waiting for them to come to our children’s home. Here they experience protection, help and love so that they can go back to school. That’s the only way they’ll get a fresh start for their lives.
We have noticed that help for street children is only effective if you can get them out of the street and give them a new home.

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Thank you for your help