Come with us: With the Holy Spirit into the harvest

Every participant should be able to understand and speak English, have a heart for the poor and know Jesus personally when you do a missionary work. When you come as an intern, it is not a priority, but we live Christian values in our homes. If you come with a group of more than 10 people, we will exempt you from the costs except for flight and visa.

Whether on the street, at seminars or worship services, from door to door in northern bush villages, in prison – the message is the same: “God loves you and has not forgotten you, Jesus has saved you and reconciled you with your heavenly Father. He is life and has the solution.”

If you want to contribute to our vision, please write to: cgm.ug2001@hotmail.com or call +49 (0)6232 / 31 25 168

Helpful tips and further information about internships can be found here: Internship tips